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OpenRazer. A collection of Linux drivers for Razer devices - providing kernel drivers, DBus services and Python bindings to interact with the DBus interface. Something not working? Sometimes there are problems with the driver installation due to missing kernel modules or secure boot. Please refer to the Troubleshooting wiki page for guidance OpenRazer is an open source driver and user-space daemon that allows you to manage your Razer peripherals on GNU/Linux. See the list of supported devices. With Polychromatic GUI front-end, you can configure your Razer peripherals with a graphical tool and system tray applet openrazer. An entirely open source driver and user-space daemon that allows you to manage your Razer peripherals on GNU/Linux. python linux driver razer razer-peripherals razer-devices razer-drivers. Python GPL-2.0 309 2,002 162 (12 issues need help) 24 Updated 19 hours ago Install OpenRazer. The RazerGenie tool, much like PolyChromatic, requires the OpenRazer driver. OpenRazer provides a wide variety of drivers for Linux users for a whole lot of Razer keyboards, mice, and even headsets. You will not be able to take advantage of RazerGenie without it. OpenRazer is well supported on Linux. Everywhere from Ubuntu to Fedora and Arch Linux have support. In this section of the guide, we will go over how to install OpenRazer and configure it. To start the. OpenRazer is available to all Arch Linux users via the Arch Linux user repository. To install this software from the AUR, install the Git package using the Pacman packaging tool. sudo pacman -S git. It may also be necessary to install the base-devel package too (required for interacting with the AUR)

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  1. This suite of software provides a GUI, a tray applet and command line interface, as well as handling custom effects, presets and automating them with trigger events. Currently, the only supported backend is OpenRazer. The current release (v0.3.12) is written in Python/WebKitGTK
  2. I think the OpenRazer project could get instant Nostromo/Tartarus/Orbweaver key re-binding and macro support using Pystromo and would only need to make a GUI to populate the .map files, if only the program worked in 18.04. Since it is entirely Python scripts and just about all Linux distros have Python installed, the actual backend files are less than 100kb (!), not including configuration map.
  3. Copy link Quote reply. Cipulotcommented Aug 18, 2020. Device Info. Name: Razer Huntsman Mini. Model Number: RZ03-03390500-R3U1. Device Information. Bus 001 Device 003: ID 1532:0257 Razer USA, Ltd Razer Huntsman MiniCouldn't open device, some information will be missingDevice Descriptor: bLength 18 bDescriptorType 1 bcdUSB 2.00 bDeviceClass 0.
  4. $ openrazer -Fv Unable to lock on the pidfile. # the daemon is active, but not working $ pkill -e openrazer openrazer-daemo killed (pid 28526) $ pkill -e openrazer openrazer-daemo killed (pid 28526) # ^ it keeps saying it was killed, even if it actually doesn't get killed $ sudo pkill -e openrazer $ pkill -e openrazer # ^ this actually kills it as I get no output after killing from root.
  5. Is there a way to force the Razer GUI apps to use the openrazer-current and not force an install of standard openrazer? DataDrake. Not at the moment. All of that dates back to when linux-lts was the default kernel, so it made a little more sense then. LuxLucian. So there isn't a way to get the apps working then? Would installing from the source be a workaround that forces the newer openrazer.

Polychromatic - OpenRazer GUI. How to Install OpenRazer 2.9.0 in Ubuntu: The software has an official PPA so far contains the latest packages for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 20.10. 1. Open terminal either via Ctrl+Alt+T keyboard shortcut or by searching for 'terminal' from app launcher. When it opens, run command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openrazer/stable. Type. Software & Apps zum Download, sowie Cloud-Dienste für Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android. Wir bieten dir die Software, die du suchst - schnell & sicher What's the best openrazer frontend? Hi. One of my hobbies is Wireless Networking in Linux, and one of the things that bothers me is that there is no place on reddit for Linux WiFi-related support, and it seems to have been spread across different subreddits such as r/linuxquestions, r/linuxhardware, r/linux4noobs etc.. I have created a new subreddit, r/linuxwifi, in the hopes of organizing a.

Pictured - the Polychromatic UI you can use with OpenRazer. There's also several overall improvements that came with this latest release of OpenRazer including read support for idle_time and low_battery_threshold, it's now possible to configure the battery notification frequency, razercore & razermousemat drivers were combined into the razeraccessory driver, Razer Viper & Viper Ultimate. Multicolor - OpenRazer GUI. How to install OpenRazer 2.9.0 on Ubuntu: Software has Official PPA So far, it contains the latest packages for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 20.10.. 1. Use the Ctrl + Alt + T keyboard shortcut or search for Terminal in the app launcher to open a terminal Shipping Guide Returns & Refunds Razer Advantage. RazerCare. RazerCare Protection Plan RazerCare Store. Account. Manage My Razer ID. 0. Razer Synapse is our unified configuration software that allows you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals and saves all your settings automatically to the cloud. No more tedious device configurations when you arrive at LAN. So after it is merged you should be able to change the RGB lights of your keyboards with openrazer. In case you don't want to wait until it is merged, you can find my changes in my branch. The openrazer project describes how to create packages from other repos/branches in their wiki (at least for Arch). Feel free if you have question regarding.

Visit the Troubleshooting page in the OpenRazer wiki. Razer keyboards. There are currently two Python scripts available to enable the extra M1 - M5 macro keys, that certain Razers have, under Linux: Note that this does not allow to assign any content to Macro keys, it merely will enable the sending of keycodes. For Razers without M1 -M5 extra keys there is no point using this tool. Blackwidow. Hi Guys. I am trying to install OpenRazer GUI RazerCommander on Fedora 32 KDE. Has anyone had any experience with this? This is used to control Razer devices on Linux. I can't find the rpm packages in Github for this. I have everything else that is needed installed. Thanks

How to Configure Your Razer Peripherals in Ubuntu 16

OpenRazer, which powers RazerGenie (the slick UI that makes using OpenRazer much easier), supports a whole lot of devices. If you're trying to configure your Razer device, but unsure if it's supported, please check the following link, and you'll be able to confirm if your Razer keyboard, mouse, headset, or other hardware will work with OpenRazer and by extension, RazerGenie Packages for Fedora Rawhide:. openrazer-meta-2.9.-1.216.noarch.rpm openrazer-meta-2.9.-1.216.src.rp Lintian reports 1 warning about this package. You should make the package lintian clean getting rid of them. Created: 2020-08-22 Last update: 2020-08-22 06:05. Multiarch hinter reports 1 issue (s) low. There are issues with the multiarch metadata for this package. openrazer-doc could be marked Multi-Arch: foreign libmrpt-gui-dev <-> python3-openrazer. Version of libmrpt-gui-dev: 1:2.1.7-1. Architecture of libmrpt-gui-dev: amd64. Version of python3-openrazer: 2.9.0+dfsg-1. Architecture of python3-openrazer: al pyhoca-gui <-> openrazer-daemon. Version of pyhoca-gui: Architecture of pyhoca-gui: all. Version of openrazer-daemon: 2.9.0+dfsg-1. Architecture of openrazer-daemon: al

openrazer_effects 1.0.8 pip install openrazer_effects Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Released: Nov 11, 2017 Effects for OpenRazer. Navigation. Project description Release history Download files Project links. Homepage Statistics. GitHub statistics: Stars: Forks: Open issues/PRs: View statistics for. Download the package from the mirror here (link coming from a comment on this page - OpenRazer issue #669), open it with Software Installer, and install it. After that, I used pamac install polychromatic (although going through git clone or gui package installer should work as well) and the dependency issue is resolved This team does not use Launchpad to host a mailing list. Show related projects Related projects . OpenRazer

OpenRazer is a driver and daemon that enables control of lighting and other functionality for supported Razer devices. This PPA contains stable releases of the driver and daemon Having problems with your Razer peripherals? Contact Razer Support or learn more about support topics that will help you with your Razer products The OpenRazer project is integrated into OpenRGB. That project supports a wide range of Razer keyboards (BlackWidow, Huntsman, etc), Razer mice, laptops, headsets, mouse-mats, speakers etc. Installation. There is an AppImage available on the OpenRGB releases page. You can get that one, but you might as well get the source. You will need to get a udev rules file and the kernel patch to try to get it working anyway and you don't get those if you get the AppImage. You can get the USB udev rules.

This is actually around 90% of the reason I am still using Windows right now. I much prefer Linux, but there is absolutely no way to get Razer software to work on Linux, unless you run a Windows VM but that doesn't help much except for comms Powered by OpenRazer (but soon to be vendor agnostic) An advanced GUI torrent file creator with batch functionality, powered by PyQt and dottorrent. Cq Editor ⭐ 172. CadQuery GUI editor based on PyQT. Amadia ⭐ 171. Astus' Mathematical Display Application : A GUI for Mathematics (Calculator, LaTeX Converter, Plotter, ) Pyqtclient ⭐ 158. PyQt Examples Client. Pyqt5 Qtquick2 Example. openrazer. 0 1,988 7.5 Python An entirely open source driver and user-space daemon that allows you to manage your Razer peripherals on GNU/Linux . persepolis. 0 4,815 0.8 Python Persepolis Download Manager is a GUI for aria2. dandere2x-tremx. 0 14 6.0 Python Dandere2x Tremx implementation / flavor. erk. 0 10 0.0 Python Ərk is an open source, cross-platform IRC client written in Python 3, Qt 5.

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Rewrite OpenRazer support to use static constant device mapping table instead of big switch/case. Add support for some extra Razer devices. Use ledstrip.txt for LED strip settings. visual-studio-gui-devel: 2019-02-20 05:03:50 UTC 2019-02-20: Set direct mode when setting colors for all devices Author: Adam Honse Author Date: 2019-02-20 05:03:50 UTC Set direct mode when setting colors for all. The openrazer kernel driver for Linux can be found on github. It supports a lot more devices than just my Ornata Chroma keyboard. Initially I thought about porting this to FreeBSD. But in the end I decided against that, for several reasons: The main purpose of openrazer is to expose the keyboard to Linux userspace via sysfs. That file system doesn't exist on FreeBSD. I guess I could change. File downloads are categorized. Please select which category you would like to browse. You can also search the downloads library using the search field beside this text OpenRazer's Logo. There is a GitHub repository ca l led OpenRazer and they support a lot of Razer products, but not mine. I had to search for the appropriate pull request and clone that, compile. How to disassemble or repair Razer Kraken headsetYou asked for the headrest?! We made it for you in this video!https://youtu.be/Ldg_6C2iVGMDon't forget to cl..

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OpenRazer+Polychromatic Make It Easy To Configure Razer Keyboards/Mice On Linux. While Razer at this time does not provide any official software support on Linux, via the OpenRazer/Polychromatic projects largely driven by the open-source community, they are making impressive headway. Last time I tried the Polychromatic UI that interfaces with the OpenRazer drivers for configuring Razer. Qt GUI tab that interfaces with Settings Manager (Postponed to 0.6) Settings manager provides a way to register a setting so that it shows in the GUI Registered setting defines keys and types Device list settings should provide add/remove device functionality Group Controller RGBController API Changes (keep in branch until all changes are done, then rev the API version) Per-Zone Modes #942. Several additions to the matrix layout (razerdefault22): Nordic, French & Portuguese layout; Support DeathAdder 3.5G; Add French translations; Preferences window is now moda Wird ein WLAN sowohl auf 2.4 GHz als auch auf 5 GHz angeboten, kann man von der GUI aus nicht das 5 GHz Band erzwingen. Dazu muss man in die LuCI oder gar via SSH nachhelfen. Der Router wird als MediaCenter beworben. Ich vormuliere es mal diplomatisch. Das ist nicht die Stärke des Gerätes. Via Micro SD Card kann man wohl nur 128 MB nachrüsten (nicht ausprobiert), da geht nicht viel Media.

The following are 21 code examples for showing how to use notify2.Notification().These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example Unter Linux gibt es den openrazer Treiber um Razer Geräte anzusteuern. Leider hat Razer bei neueren Geräten das Protokoll gewechselt und betreibt jetzt wohl mehr Software Based Lightning. Lange Rede - kurzer Sinn: der openrazor Treiber aus den aktuellen quellen funktioniert noch nicht. Wenn man nicht alles selber bauen will sollte man sich erst mal das Frontend installieren. Chris Titus Tech was started as a resource for all things technology. It has evolved from a YouTube channel to now be a resource for anyone wanted to learn about a variety of tech Polikromatis - GUI OpenRazer. Cara Memasang OpenRazer 2.9.0 di Ubuntu: Perangkat lunak ini sebuah PPA resmi sejauh ini berisi paket terbaru untuk Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 20.10. 1. Buka terminal melalui Ctrl + Alt + T pintas keyboard atau dengan mencari 'terminal' dari peluncur aplikasi. Ketika terbuka, jalankan perintah: sudo add-apt-repository ppa: openrazer / stable. If you are setting up your audio device for the first time, we recommend using this wizard for a step by step guide on the calibration process. Click START to launch the wizard. Step 1. In step 1, Razer Surround detects all audio sources that are connected to and recognized by your computer and lists them in the box. Choose the audio device that you wish to configure. Click Test to ensure that.

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997 : games-tasks, games-all, games-adventure, games-arcade, games-board, games-c++-dev, games-card, games-chess, games-console, games-content-dev, games-education. There are limited macro assignments but no way to delay each keystroke, so as it stands now using Open Razer and the open-source Polychromatic project isn't very useful. Hence the reason I want to run either Razar Synapse 2 or 3 using Wine. I have listed my system specs below this paragraph. I purchased my keyboard and mouse without any research on whether or not I would have complete. The following are 5 code examples for showing how to use gi.repository.GLib.PRIORITY_HIGH().These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example This prerequisite guide is to help users disassemble the mouse. The mouse needs to be mostly disassembled in order to complete most of the tasks needed to fix any issues. Put on the anti-static wrist strap to protect you from electrostatic discharges during your repair. Tools. Buy these tools. Spudger; 1 x Opening Picks; JIS #1 ; Parts. No parts specified. Step 1 Razer Naga Trinity Disassembly.

RazerGenie - a Qt GUI that interfaces with OpenRazer to configure and manage Razer gaming products; Oversteer - a desktop application to configure Logitech racing wheels; xow - user-space driver for Xbox One wireless dongle; GH Live Dongle - HID driver for Activision GH Live PS3 and Wii U Guitar devices; Tools . gamemode - from Feral Interactive, allows performance optimizations to be. branch-99 does not exist on the remote repository. You probably misspelled the branch name or the repository. To check which branches exist, clone the repository normally and list the remote branches The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the longest of the day I have downloaded the razergenie program together with the daemon and the drivers from the open-razer repository and I can change the colors manually. I wanted to know if there is some kind of a script I could automatically execute on startup to have the system change the colors for me. scripts keyboard startup. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Aug 27 '20 at 20:17. Keen Keen. 111 3 3. - Whole new and easy UI - Improved Facebook/Instagram support - Improved download list control - multi select - Multiple windows support - Shortcut to download for copying video link from other apps - Dark/Light theme support Check out details with following posts!!! Download

Support for Huntsman Mini (60%) · Issue #1230 · openrazer

999 : games-tasks, games-all, games-adventure, games-arcade, games-board, games-c++-dev, games-card, games-chess, games-console, games-content-dev, games-education. OpenRazer 2.5.0 Released. OpenRazer is an open source driver and user-space tool to manage and configure select Razer peripherals on Linux distro like Ubuntu. The latest release is OpenRazer 2.5.0. It adds support for the Razer Blade 15 (2018) Mercury and Stealth laptops, as well as a swathe of Razer gaming mice, including the Razer Abyssus 2000 and the Razer DeathAdder 3500. The app also adds. A Beginners Guide To Learn Linux for Free [with Examples] Red Hat RHCSA/RHCE 8 Certification Study Guide [eBooks] Linux Foundation LFCS and LFCE Certification Study Guide [eBooks] Learn Linux Commands and Tools. How to Make File and Directory Undeletable, Even By Root in Linux. How to Change or Set System Locales in Linux . How to Compare Local and Remote Files in Linux. How to Stop and. Die Linux-Distribution Manjaro Linux 19.0 (Kyria) basiert auf Arch Linux und dessen Konzept eines topaktuellen Rolling Releases mit aktuellsten.. Introduction. How to use the SBUI. SBUI App catalogue. Developers. The award winning Razer Switchblade User Interface is a revolutionary interface that puts more control in gamer's hands with a cellphone quality multi-touch LCD Track-panel and 10 Dynamic Adaptive Tactile Keys. Infinite number of bindings for commands, macros, skills, spells.

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I know of openrazer and related GUIs but none of them seem capable of displaying neither battery percentage nor the charging dock. I read about /sys/class/power_supply/ but they're not listed. Are there any solutions/workarounds to this? 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. 92% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. 5 points · 1 month ago. A. I went through this guide and it looks like you need star shaped screwdriver. You can get an all-in-one kit which you can use to unscrew almost anything in the world. NazgulStig, Apr 7, 2015 #2 Like Share. gabrielDM New Member. Thank you NazgulStig. Great guide, but that is the Razer Blade 14 2013. I have the New razer blade pro 17 2015. Are they the same screws?.They seem to be different. Disclaimer This program only runs on Linux, depends on the linux openrazer client and X server. The openrazer driver can be installed from here, just select your OS and follow the instructions. To install i3razer run: $ pip install i3razer If installed with privileged rights the executable i3razer will already be in the path Buying Guide Tenorshare 4uKey - Bypass iPhone Lockscreen Without Any Hassle Best Alternatives to Amazon Shopping App Top 6 Smartphones on Black Friday Deals Best Motherboards for the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Best Power Supply Unit (PSU) For Nvidia RTX 3090, 3080, And 3070 GPU Best 3D Mu6 Dummy Head Recording Earphone Best Hidden Cams To Buy in 202

OpenRazer 2.9 Released With Support For Handling More Razer Peripherals On Linux. Version 2.9 of OpenRazer is now available as the independently-developed solution for configuring and monitoring various Razer peripherals on Linux like not only their keyboards and mice but also headsets and other hardware As for the UI, I'm not really a UI programmer. I'd love fancy UI features but I'm doing the UI entirely off of google searches and have no idea where to begin. The first things I want to add to the UI are a color wheel selector and a simple map of all the LEDs (like a bunch of colored boxes arranged like keys on a keyboard or such). I have no idea how to do either of these in Qt so for now my. Currently, OpenRazer is the only supported backend at the moment. (Being vendor agnostic is a fairly new objective!) To check your Razer device is supported, check out the supported devices grid on the OpenRazer website. In future, this project aims to add support for: OpenRGB - supports many brands, including GPU, MB and RAM modules. Philips Hue (phue) Download. Instructions for each. It is based on openrazer, a similar project meant to bring support for Razer devices on Linux. The drivers are included in this Mac version as well, along with a GUI for managing color effects. The menu bar app is Electron-based, and it will detect all your devices automatically. You can select the color effects you would like each of them to use, as well as customize the colors and brightness. visual-studio-gui-devel merged b782a63e · Set direct mode when setting colors for all devices · Feb 20, 2019. Compare . Select Archive Format. Download source code. zip tar.gz tar.bz2 tar. e131_devel d93c4228 · Rewrite OpenRazer support to use static constant device mapping table instead... · Oct 26, 2019. Compare. Select Archive Format. Download source code. zip tar.gz tar.bz2 tar.

Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition. Toggle navigation. The BlackWidow X TE Chroma is the keyboard crafted specifically for esports. With tournament-grade precision courtesy of Razer™ Mechanical Switches and a tenkeyless design packed in a compact layout—it's grab and go whenever your next match arises gui git Is hardly any app in the audio of showbox that gets a different collection of new. Follows the work, you can find different things to PC and mobile device. You can always make this orientation change pop by restoring only fabrics. You can save gui move the content cache, mere mortals, SDKs, and tools to git drives, and keep Visual Novelist on the hyperion that runs it the oldest.

Razer laptops and accessories come with this nifty tool called Razer Synapse, which lets you control everything from lighting to fan speed. Here's a guide on how to get started Python. notify2.init () Examples. The following are 15 code examples for showing how to use notify2.init () . These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example Page 1 RAZER BLACKWIDOW ELITE ONLINE MASTER GUIDE...; Page 2 The Razer BlackWidow Elite is a gaming keyboard designed for prime performance and a durable 80 million keystroke lifespan. A multi-function digital dial provides media controls, and the USB 2.0 and audio pass through allows easy cable management. Play for long hours comfortably with the ergonomic wrist rest, and you can even. In this guide, we have shown you how to check if a file or directory exists in Bash. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment. bash terminal. Related Tutorials. Bash: Append to File; Writing Comments in Bash Scripts; Pushd and Popd Commands in Linux; How to Increment and Decrement Variable in Bash (Counter) Bash Shebang; How to Check if a String Contains a Substring.

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it finished scanning now and i sure its bug because i must open razer cortex UI until it finish scanning and it only took 2 min mostafa96_no_id, Mar 26, 2017 #4 Like Share. Eiolei Active Member. mostafa96 said: ↑ iam sure its abug with the program because last version was working on the same pc it finished scanning now and i sure its bug because i must open razer cortex UI until it finish. In this guide, I will disassemble a Razer Blade 15 2018. I will remove the bottom case in order to access the battery, SSD, Wi-Fi card, RAM, cooling fan, speaker, heatsink, and motherboard. We have disassembled the Razer Blade 14 2017 and the Razer Blade Stealth a few months ago. I believe that you, like me, choose the Razer Blade 15 2018, in order to pursue the ultimate, whether it is. This is basically a how to guide on how to destroy your user base. webnebular, Jul 29, 2019 #84 Like Share. csills89 New Member. Yep. I'm going to swap my psu and hopefully I won't get errors with the applications. Someone told me it could be it's dropping voltage from my 850w corsair. Yes it turns off and on fine but has anyone else experienced a psu causing applications to throw errors. Categories: Clients, Wissenswertes Tags: Huntsman, Linux, openrazer, Das beginnt damit, dass man einen Server komplett Remote ohne GUI installieren kann, geht weiter über die Art der Konfiguration und endet damit, dass standardmäßig nicht jeder Dödel ohne weiteres den Rechner runter fahren kann. Genug der Seitenhiebe. Konkret manifestiert sich der Vorteil von Linux gegenüber Windows.

This guide will show you how to access the scroll wheel for cleaning or replacement. Tools. Buy these tools. Phillips #0 Screwdriver; Phillips #000 Screwdriver; Spudger; Parts. No parts specified. Step 1 Outer Casing . Opening the mouse casing will void any warranty that exists for the mouse. Turn the mouse over so the bottom is facing up. Edit . Add a comment . Add a comment . Add Comment. openrazer-daemon (2.9.0+dfsg-1) OpenRazer peripheral drivers (daemon) openrazer-meta (2.9.0+dfsg-1) OpenRazer peripheral drivers (metapackage) opensbi (0.8-1) RISC-V Open Source Supervisor Binary Interface openstereogram (0.1+20080921-3) Stereogram (Magic Eye) generator with GUI openzwave (1.6.1545+ds-1) Sample Program for libopenzwave. Razer Synapse 3. Maximize your unfair advantage with Razer Synapse 3, the unified hardware configuration tool that takes your Razer device to the next level. Get access to advanced options and granular control as you rebind buttons, assign macros, personalize device lighting and more. for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Razer gaming accessories are forged with cutting-edge gaming technology to give you the unfair advantage. Dominate your opponents Now! For Gamers. By Gamers openrazer-driver-dkms io.github.openrazer.openrazer - 2.4.0+dfsg-1; Paul Brossier <piem@debian.org> patchage spatialite-gui.desktop - 2.1.0~beta0+really2.0.0~devel2-3; Pino Toscano <pino@debian.org> dustracing2d dustrac-editor.desktop - 2.0.1-1; dustrac-game.desktop - 2.0.1-1 ; Teemu Hukkanen <tjhukkan@iki.fi> hatari hatari.desktop - 2.2.0+dfsg-1; hatariui.desktop - 2.2.0+dfsg-1; Wartan.

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